Super GCT is a leading inland transportation service provider in Johor State who owns varieties of the transport vehicles such as:

  • Haulage 
  • 40” cargo trailer
  • Bonded Truck 
  • Lorry Crane
  • Tipper Lorry

During the years, Super GCT has worked with all the best efforts to bring toward the satisfaction to the customers who always trust on the Super GCT.

Super GCT has online tracking via Delivery Apps which can track the status of delivery, GPS of the lorry and moreover Client can easily search the information of driver, supervisor and management via the apps.

This apps makes Super GCT being unique because of giving most updated information while customers are at the offices and this is an effectively interactive chanel between Client and Super GCT Management Board.

Although with these advantages Super GCT always strikes to be better everyday as a good story of the Lion and Antelope:

“Every Morning, Lion wakes up and he knows that he must run faster than the slowest Antelope otherwise he will be die in hungry

Every morning, Antelope wakes up and he knows that he must run faster than the fastest lion otherwise he will be the food for the Lion

It’s not the important that you’re the Lion or the Antelope, every morning after waking up you must run

And in your life, if you dont change to be better everyday you’ll be the loser behind”

Give Super GCT a chance – Super GCT will give you all of our hearts and minds

Providing the best services with Great Honour from Contractors.


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