The story of ‘Merry Christmas’         written by Meera Sashithal from (estaplished from 1928)         MEERA S. SASHITAL speaks about the birth of Jesus Christ and the festival of Christmas. Of all the religious festivals I have great feelings for Christmas because it is solemn, peaceful and serene. Christmas meaning […]

Financial Analyst and Manager Careers

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Melaka PSR-2 Refinery

The new 100,000 bpd Melaka refinery known as PSR-2, is operated by the Malaysian Refining Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRC), a joint venture of Conoco (40%), Petronas of Malaysia (45%) and Statoil (15%). The refinery uses Conoco’s proprietary delayed coking technology to maximise production of diesel fuel, which is in high demand in the region. In […]

Petronas updates progress on Malaysian RAPID project

State-run Petronas has reached the halfway point of its long-planned project to build a refinery and petrochemical integrated development (RAPID) complex at Pengerang in southeastern Johor, Malaysia (OGJ Online, May 13, 2011). “We are now at the midpoint of the project schedule and are on track towards achieving the overall [RAPID] startup in the first […]